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Agent Referral

Referral Program for Licensed Agents

Agent Referral Program

How it Works:

For New Owners: Refer a potential owner and receive $500!  Of course this is contingent upon our signing the owner to a Management Agreement.

For new Tenants:  For Multiple Listing Service (MLS) members and non-MLS Realtors, we offer 30% of first months rent for Agents showing the property to their client and bringing to us a new tenant that we accept and actually place into a property. They must fill out our online application and submit all required documents.  Please call for details.  Payment will be after the tenant takes possession of the home. 

Our Guarantee:

By providing us your referrals, you earn the right to compensation as indicated above upon our successful retention of the tenant or owner. When that tenant leases a property of ours or that owner's property leases, we will pay you for the referral. In addition, should that Tenant or Owner decide to buy or sell in the future, they will be referred back to you for handling that purchase or sale.

The Fine Print:

  1. Your referral must be a tenant or owner referral that we have not already approached! 
  2. All referral payments will be made to the supervising Broker for distribution.
  3. All agents must complete the referral submission forms:
    1. TXR Form 2002
    2. TXR Form 1417 
    3. Your Brokers W-9 for funds distribution. 
    4. Please send all forms to

Checks will only be made payable to your Broker per Texas Real Estate Commission rules.

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