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Our Pet Policy is as follows, and this is not an agreement to allow you to have a pet. A Pet Agreement must be in place before you bring a pet on the property. We have a policy of two pet maximum per household, and all pets must have current shots. When you apply to have a Pet Agreement, a current picture of the pet must be submitted, along with their shot records, when applying through Once everything is submitted, it will generate a PAW SCORE. Your monthly pet fee will be based on the paw score. The Pet Agreement is only good for that particular pet(s) and not for any subsequent pets.

Recommended Assistance Animals (i.e. service/emotional/companion/etc.) accommodation requests are NOT subject to pet deposits or pet fees.

Pet breeds that are commonly considered aggressive will only be considered based on the individual landlords property insurance guidelines. The yard must be picked up at least twice weekly. Fences will be maintained by the tenant to insure the pet remains in the yard. Pets will not be allowed loose outside of the backyard. No dogs will be allowed in a home that does not have a fenced yard.

Apply all Pets or fill out the (no Pet form) at:

Pet Fee (Paid Monthly with Rent)

-Dogs and Cats: Based upon Paw Score

-If an applicant has all 5 paws, $35 monthly fee per pet. 

-If an applicant has 4 paws, $45 monthly fee per pet. 

-If an applicant has 3 paws, $55 monthly fee per pet. 

-If an applicant has 2 paws, $65 monthly fee per pet. 

-If an applicant has 1 paw, $75 monthly fee per pet. 

-Small pets $10 fee per month. Farm/Exoctic breed animals, case by case. 

(Bird, Rabbit, hamster/gerbil/Guinea Pig, Reptile) (Fish Tank $10 per tank)