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Client Onboarding Process

System - Saturday, July 21, 2018

This I Rob with 1st Choice here. I wanted to kind of go over an overview of our onboarding process, what happens to your property once we’ve signed all our contracts and we're in an agency at that point. And I'm going to describe it in stages, there'll be four stages. It should be a quick video, thanks for watching. 

Stage 1; the first stage, what we're going to want to do is drop a sign in the yard, we're going to want to put a lockbox on the door or secure a key from you, take photos, we do a video tour here to help with our marketing and just begin that whole advertising process. We do know that some cases, we can't do all of that all at once, particularly there might be construction going on in the inside, so inside photos might not be taken. If there's moving going on, just various reasons, the sky is the limit on what you can think the reasons could be, but we usually have a workaround for any of those scenarios and that would be something that we would discuss on our initial meeting and conversation to plan around anything like that. 

So Stage 2, the property will be assigned to one of our highly skilled highly experienced property managers here at 1st choice. Your assigned property manager will monitor the information flow, monitor the showings, start gathering statistics on how many calls we've had, how many emails we’ve had, how many showings we've had, if we have feedback. And we will try and relay that to you on a weekly basis so we can kind of keep in contact on what's happening with your property. Of course if we have any recommendations, if nothing's going on with it, it might be a matter of pricing, it might be a matter of condition. And maybe there are some things that we should have done or discussed at the very beginning that you might want to do at that point. Hopefully not, but we've seen scenarios like that. So once all that's done, we go to Stage 3. 

Stage 3 which is once we receive an application, we're monitoring the process with our application Department, they're gathering the rental verification, the employment verification, they're verifying the income that we need, making sure that the tenant meets and qualifies through our standard guidelines which can be seen on our websites. I have them all laid out there and available to you to look at. 

So once the tenant has been approved, we’ll sign the appropriate lease and collect the funding, the deposit, the initial rent amount. And then at that point, we would move to Stage 4 once we've targeted a move-in date. 

And Stage 4 is the moving and we'll move the tenant in and address any issues that they might have, go over any condition discrepancies if they see something maybe we didn’t, maybe you didn't, but we'll discuss that with them. Of course if we need to relay a conversation with you, then we'll be on the phone with you about the particular issue and problem. And then at that point, all of our stages are done. So just a quick video, sorry to bore you to death, quick overview of the onboarding process. So give us a call, look us up on our website, so if you have any questions we're always available. 

Thanks for watching.