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Introduction to 1st Choice Property Management

System - Tuesday, July 17, 2018


I'm Rob with 1st Choice Property Management. I want to film this 2-3-minute video to introduce myself to you and introduce 1st choice to you as well, let you know where 1st choice actually originated from and what direction we're going to be headed in the future, and I appreciate you watching this video. So I want to start off by saying I am a fourth-generation property manager. My father before me, his parents before him and my great-grandparents before them started off in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. And through the years, it's morphed and changed locations to begin what we started here in Fort Worth today. 

When my dad retired after 25 years of the Air Force, he retired out of Carswell Air Force Base here in Fort Worth, and that's when he began his property management real estate career. And we started by managing our own family’s properties, and through the years picking up more clients, we through a lot of trial and error in the earlier days, perfected property management to be what we do now. So a lot of our trial and error helps you avoid the same pitfalls that our family has stepped into in the past. So a lot of years of experience built right there. I was taught by the best of the best; meaning my father, we were part of a property management Association called NARPM National Association of Residential Property Managers. My dad Darryl Kazen was a national instructor there. He forced me to join whenever I came to work for him and I went to the conventions and I met some of his old friends and you know, late at night when everybody is sitting around in the hotels is when I started asking my questions. And that's where I gained my education from the old-timers and the stories that they told and how they managed property. 

So today, property management is quite a bit different than what it was in my dad's generation. And I’ve got a lot to share to you and help you in managing of your property. So this video is kind of gone from an introduction of who we are, what we are, into why I believe you should choose us to manage your property and we're just a time-tested property management company that's been around for a long time and we've got a lot of knowledge in our database to share and assist with our current clients. And that pretty much wraps up my video and I want to thank you for watching.