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Is your rental property stuck in a rut? We can help!

Leslie Kazen - Thursday, March 21, 2019

Hey, this is Rob with 1st Choice Property Management. I'm popping in to one of our properties that our maintenance department is working on. I'm sorry about the shaky camera. It's just me filming. But want I want to show you here is part of the services that we can provide to our clients or we do provide to our clients. We hold our clients to a higher standard of just keeping their properties in good shape, keeping them updated and maintained. The selection color of paint - that it's up to date. The flooring... just the whole gamut of it. 

Starting with the outside - this particular property right here we're going to be clearing out and making nice landscape beds, filling it in with colored mulch, making the front of the property pop. And then carrying on into the interior of the property - we're doing a full paint here, updating the colors of the paint. The flooring was good. Most of this flooring was tiled throughout. We're leaving all that. We're replacing some old pieces of carpet in the bedroom. So we spent a day in here covering everything that we're not going to paint up, but mainly all the walls, ceilings, doors, trim... everything is getting a full paint job. 

And the purpose of this video is so that I convey to my clients or potential clients what we're looking for from you guys in keeping your property in good shape so that we can rent it. We can rent it faster. We can rent it at high market value and to a level one tenant. So if you're tired of the same tenant destroying your property or the management company not caring for the condition of it, then we're your solution. My firm has a maintenance and management program. It's not really a program, but we have a management company and a large maintenance division and we understand that maintaining the house is the key thing to keeping a good tenant in here. Not dealing with bad vendors, bad quality jobs. 

So we're in here redoing this whole property to make sure that the end piece is what our vision is and yes, that costs money, but in order to do it right, this is what's needed. Sometimes you need a reset button and that's what we provide. Again, that costs money. So if you're ready for that next step and you're tired of the same old, same old - then give us a call. Again, it's Rob, 1st Choice Property Management. We're redoing this property right here. The blinds and the windows, full paint, flooring and landscaping. 

So thanks for watching this video. There was really no purpose to it other than just kind of putting out there what we're looking for and what you can expect from us. Thanks.