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How to Tell a Tenant to Move Out Nicely: A Fort Worth, TX Guide

Leslie Kazen - Saturday, November 11, 2023
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Is one of your tenants paying their rent late every month? Do you get a complaint once a week from their neighbors? These are good reasons to tell the tenant to vacate a property in Fort Worth, Texas.

You will have better results if you inform the tenant of your decision without burning bridges. Give them a reasonable amount of time to get out and offer assistance if possible.

Are you ready to learn how to tell a tenant to move out nicely? Check out this quick guide.

Don't Put the Conversation Off

There's always a chance that you can resolve tenant problems without kicking them out. Sit down with the resident and let them know what they're doing wrong and give them a chance to change their behavior.

Most tenants will be willing to compromise with you if it means keeping their home. Just make sure that you start the conversation early on. If you wait until the situation escalates, you may have no choice but to take drastic measures.

Cash for Keys

If you're planning to sell your property or you don't want a particular tenant asking about lease renewal, you can offer them a way out with cash for keys.

Using this method means paying the tenant to move out. This may sound counterproductive. After all, your goal as a landlord is to make money, not give it away.

However, it's almost always better than drawing the situation out or paying to take the problem to court.

Let the resident know why you're starting the tenant eviction process. After that, offer them a way out. Tell them you'll be willing to pay them cash in exchange for their agreement to leave.

If the tenant agrees to vacate the property, get the confirmation in writing. After that, collect their keys, change the locks, and return the tenant's security deposit if they haven't damaged the property too much.

Show Understanding

If you have a decent relationship, evicting a tenant may be as easy as politely telling them to leave. Chances are, if the problem is late rent payments, they aren't paying late due to maliciousness. They've been paying late because they don't have the money.

In this instance, it's crucial to show your understanding. Offer them resources to help them move.

Provide them with references and help them find a new place to stay. Give them some financial assistance if you can.

Give the Tenant a Reasonable Amount of Time to Get Out

No matter how eager you are to have a tenant move out, you must give them a reasonable amount of notice. It's not only polite. It's the law.

In most instances, the Federal CARES Act requires landlords to give tenants a 30-day notice before kicking them out.

How to Tell a Tenant to Move Out Nicely

How to tell a tenant to move out nicely in Fort Worth, Texas. The key is to talk to the tenant and show some understanding. If you can work with the tenant without forcing them to leave, that's preferred.

If you do need to move forward with the eviction, we can help. Established in 1993, 1st Choice Property Management has an extensive practice in assisting landlords like you with problem tenants. Contact us today!